Southwest Portland ADU Remodel


David Papazian


Southwest Portland


Originally built in 1910, this craftsman-style owner-occupied duplex is located in a walkable neighborhood in Southwest Portland, with close proximity to downtown and easy access to trails and the Willamette River. Although urban, the home is nestled by nature, with a large backyard that opens up to a green space.

Remodel Overview

When a long-time tenant moved out of the upstairs apartment, the owners desired an interior remodel that would update the space and welcome frequent out of town guests with their own private retreat. It would also provide the opportunity to generate short term rental income in the future.

The design style was influenced by a trip to Portugal in which several apartments highlighted the historic nature of the structure, but integrated modern fixtures and conveniences with colorful accents.

The entire apartment was repainted and new doors and hardware were installed.

Due to the age of the home, thoughtful problem solving was needed during construction to remedy a substantial slope in the floor caused by years of settling. Floor joists were reconfigured to level the surface, and a 1/4″ sound mat under a layer of gypsum was added to minimize sound transfer. Engineered hardwoods were then placed over top.

Refrigerator and small appliances are by Smeg, an Italian brand known for its use of color and retro style.


The kitchen was taken down to the studs to accommodate a fresh layout. Quartz countertops and glossy cabinets were installed, along with new appliances, including a refrigerator by Smeg, in an energetic red.

Living Room

To maximize the area, a door opening in the living room was created to recapture an unusable storage space and turn it into a small bedroom with a single bed. This modification transformed a cramped one-bedroom apartment into a comfortable and spacious two bedroom apartment.

Master Bedroom and Home Office

In the master bedroom, two walls were removed to accommodate a king size bed and a desk for a home office, creating a multifunctional space for versatility.

With some ingenuity and resourcefulness, the Hamish Murray Construction team was able to deliver a high-quality remodel that would offer the homeowners extra flexibility and enjoyment for their guests.

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