Building Lasting Relationships

At Hamish Murray Construction, we are Portland’s experts in building and remodeling quality homes, and we are dedicated to bringing every client’s vision to life. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with trusted architects and trade partners, working across many projects. Our relationship with architects is very important to us because we want the best for our clients; beautiful form with function, built to last. We value the architect’s creative genius and their important role in the construction process. After all, it’s about ensuring that our clients’ dreams are realized. Our architects are team members with us, so that together, we build the perfect home tailored for each client.

Whether it is a whole house remodel or new construction project or anything in between, our home builder and remodeler experts are here to listen to your goals and bring your ideas to life.


Transform Your Space for How You Live

New Construction

Why search for your dream home when you can build it? As experienced custom home builders, our team knows how to plan and construct homes of all styles and layouts. New construction projects also allow you to choose the location of your new home. Nearly every detail is within your control, and the possibilities are endless.


Home Remodeling

Our home remodeling expertise extends to every room in the house. Whether you want to remodel your whole home at once or just convert your unfinished basement into a master suite, we work with you every step of the way to plan and actualize your vision for a home that better meets your family’s needs.


Is your kitchen outdated? Does it fail to accommodate the way you live, cook, and socialize? Regardless of style, a kitchen should be functional, welcoming, and carefully crafted to make your life better. Every kitchen we remodel is built to last and designed to bring joy to your home for years to come.

Are you dreaming of a cozy, traditional bathroom? A luxury, spa-like oasis? Something more quirky and avant-garde? Your bathroom should be a place that makes you happy, a relaxing retreat where you can unwind and enjoy a well-earned break from life’s demands. We can make it happen.


Families’ needs often change over time. If you know you have found your forever home, but it simply does not have the space you need, an addition is the perfect solution. Hamish Murray Construction specializes in additions that improve a home’s functionality while blending seamlessly with its original style.


You won't see just one signature style in our portfolio of past work.

“They’re the type of company that has the ability, patience and interest in building your dreams.”
Franz Maruna

We Specialize in Both Modern and Traditional Homes

Modern Homes

Modern homes free you from size, shape, and style restrictions. Want an unconventional layout? Interested in sourcing environmentally conscious materials, like salvaged stone and recycled lumber? Your choices are unlimited, and that makes it easy to design a spectacular contemporary home that is perfectly tailored to you.


Traditional Homes

Traditional homes call for a different approach. Many older homes embody a comforting, nostalgic presence that evokes a strong sense of family. If you love your home’s classic style, we know exactly how to add modern conveniences and amenities while also preserving its original charm and historical details.


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