Modern & Contemporary Home Builders

Live life without limits.

Imagine yourself unbounded by shape, size, and style, able to incorporate the home features that bring you joy and omit all else. Modern and contemporary homes cleverly blend function and design, not just to serve your purpose but to truly reflect your personality and way of living.

Modern Home Construction

Perhaps you want to put “green” living at the forefront with a sustainable, eco-friendly home. Perhaps you hope to use less conventional materials, such as recycled lumber or salvaged stone. Or maybe you are more interested in sleek steel and crisp glass. Your choices are unlimited, and that makes it possible to design a spectacular contemporary home that is perfectly tailored to you.

At Hamish Murray Construction, our team of home builders will work with you to transform your ideas into the modern home of your dreams.

Modern Home Remodels

Are you longing to refresh an outdated space? Do you wish your home were brighter, more welcoming, and more open? A modern home remodel allows you to continue living in the neighborhood and home that you love while adding value to your property and your life. Our remodeling services include:

New Construction

Are you picturing your dream home? Free yourself from the tight constraints of a predetermined floor plan and start from the very beginning — the only limit is your imagination. We can build you a completely unique home that checks every box on your wishlist. Our construction services include:

Discover our work in our portfolio.

Modern & Contemporary Homes Styles

Historically, modern homes have been defined by the modernist architectural styles that emerged in the first half of the 20th century, emphasizing minimalism and simplicity with a prevalence of strong, asymmetrical lines and open floor plans.

The contemporary homes of today have evolved out of this modernist aesthetic, often incorporating more sustainable elements and high-tech features. Contemporary home building offers the opportunity to blend the bold functionality of modernism with comfortable and homey touches, such as warm colors, soft textures, and exposed natural materials.

When it comes to the style of your home, there are no rules.

Your vision does not have to adhere to any one style category. You may want to create a free-flowing, luxury home that borrows from many different styles. You may even introduce novel innovations of your own.

Contemporary Home Options

  • Sustainable, energy-efficient custom homes
  • Custom workspaces, such as a home recording studio or personalized gym
  • Dynamic indoor-outdoor homes with blended spaces and whole wall doors
  • Unconventional layouts to accommodate large families
  • Eclectic style combinations, such as farmhouse-contemporary or rustic-minimalist

Our Approach to Modern & Contemporary Home Projects

A great home builder is able to understand your vision and turn it into a physical reality. At Hamish Murray Construction, our goal is to take that concept a step further. We are not just building your dream home; we are building a place where you can live your dream life.

Can you envision the lifestyle you want to live when your home project is complete? What colors, materials, layouts, and features surround you? What would it take to create a space that is uniquely designed to suit that way of life?

This is our goal. We achieve it with the following approach:

Thorough Planning

Every detail is considered and finalized before we begin building. To ensure you get the best possible result, we give you as much control as you want over the design and planning process. If you are already working with an architect or designer, we are happy to work from their plans. If not, we can refer you to one of our trusted design partners to help you develop your vision.

Streamlined Communication

Clear, responsive communication ensures that your final result will match your original vision. The same Project Manager will work directly with you throughout your entire project, whether it is a simple kitchen remodel or a complex custom home build. Anytime you have ideas, questions, or concerns, your Project Manager is there to help.

Construction Expertise

Everyone who works on your home is part of our carefully chosen team. We only hire people who are highly skilled and dedicated to delivering superb results. This is how we have built our reputation as the most customer-focused home builder in the Portland area, and why the majority of our clients find us through word-of-mouth referrals.

Start Your Project

Are you ready to discuss your project? Do you have questions about our process, our building philosophy, or our past work? We are here to help. We set ourselves apart from other modern home builders in Portland, Oregon through our dedication to excellent communication, careful planning, and architectural integrity.