New Kitchens: What Homeowners Are Building In Portland, Oregon

If you are planning on a new kitchen, we realize that gathering inspirational ideas from others is a great way to start. This article highlights what we have recently seen in trends with our own clients’ remodels and new home construction.

At Hamish Murray Construction Inc., most of our projects in Oregon have included new kitchens, so we have compiled many kitchen photos over the years. We are not kitchen architects, but builders, so we pay close attention to many details, and consider ourselves humble kitchen connoisseurs after so many years. We certainly advocate for using the best kitchen materials and sound quality construction.

The choice of cabinets comes down to everyone’s personal preference, but we have seen shifts in homeowners’ choices over the years. More recently, when clients choose a paint color, it’s usually a white or a dark gray. However, a more popular choice recently is wood-stained cabinets, such as oak, walnut, or cherry. These hardwoods hold up well and are aesthetically pleasing for both modern or traditional homes. In some modern homes, we have seen the use of wood paneling with painted cabinets, providing a pleasing contrast.

Kitchens can easily combine practical function with creative expression

Kitchens set the important ambience for family connection and preparing of meals. When a good architect guides a client through a slow, thoughtful kitchen process, we see homeowners get much joy from their new kitchen. Functional layout of the cabinets and the use of islands are of particular interest. Floor to ceiling cabinetry have replaced the old-style pantry, and specialized cabinets such as vertical racks and spice drawers are now common elements.

The design can be as playful and creative as each homeowner seeks. For example, in the photo below, our clients chose a non-conforming but elegant style, with a copper sink, bold Silestone counters, unusual wall splash white tile, wood trim stained to match the copper sink, and a backdrop of dark cabinetry. 

Integrating kitchens into your personal lifestyle

Every family has their own lifestyle and culture that can influence the design. For example, in the remodeling project below, this client wanted ample shelves for books with artistic touches and also a built-in island with an extension for eating.  

At Hamish Murray Construction Inc., we pride ourselves in knowing not just how to build a quality home or remodel, but how to establish strong, detailed planning on behalf of our clients. We seek to bring your home dreams to life, while keeping your project within a realistic budget for you.

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