8 Top Home Construction Design Trends for 2022

How to select the best innovative home design when starting a construction project

As a homeowner, if you are planning a house remodel, addition or new home construction project, you may be collecting inspirational interior design ideas. But with so many options to choose from, browsing on Pinterest, Houzz, other online sites, or clipping from magazines can quickly become daunting.

At Hamish Murray Construction, we work with independent architects and designers who guide clients on home design. We recommend working with these professionals because they can source the best design selections that speak to your internal compass, tastes and lifestyle, such as layout, cabinets, fixtures, tiling, wall textures, and furniture. They also can help you avoid investing in things that are popular today but can lose their appeal in the near future. These professionals know how to select design elements that are gaining momentum because of solid, wise reasons.

For this blog, we interviewed the Owners of Weedman Design Partners, Travis Weedman and Arielle Weedman who are currently teaming up with us on a 2022 home remodel project.

The pandemic has caused many people to question how they live in their homes. People are placing more value in making the home a sanctuary: an appealing shelter from life.  

  1. Extending our living space into the outdoors: Homeowners have been entertaining more outside. Many realize that these spaces are under-utilized and could be more comfortable. Also, in these challenging pandemic times, so many of us are yearning for spaces that rejuvenate us, and the outdoors can refresh our spirits while we spend time with family and friends.

Homeowners are adding to their backyards:

  • Hot tubs, soaking tubs, swimming pools
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Shelter that protects against inclement weather
  • Built-in outdoor heaters
  • Fireplaces
outdoor living room with concrete flooring and black doors
Source: Weedman Design Partners

2. Extending the outdoors into the home: Anything that brings a strong connection with nature into our home has increasing value. Open floor plans with a great room that has large windows have been popular at many times in our past, such as the Eichler or Rummer modern home. Yet the interest in such mid-century or modern homes, bringing in light and continuity into the outdoors continues to be popular.

living room that opens to the backyard in a modern custom built home
Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture | Photographer: KuDa Photography
modern house with a living room that opens into the outdoors
Architect: Paul McKean Architecture LLC | Photographer: KuDa Photography

Also, there continues to be a rising demand for indoor plants.

Arielle Weedman commented, “We are specifying more and more indoor plants, incorporating plants into the design of our client’s homes; even sometimes as a very substantial investment. People are very drawn to plants for both their aesthetics and for their calming presence, contributing towards a person’s well-being.

interior of a home with numerous large glass windows and high ceilings
Architect: Christie Architecture LLC | Photographer: KuDa Photography

3. Choosing a color palette that is yours: from earthy tones to bold Many people are looking for color palettes that are calming and grounding. Earthy tones and neutral colors are especially of interest.  Some are choosing bold colors, or bold color accents mixed with calming colors. However, homeowners are also feeling the freedom to choose color palettes that speak to them, disregarding the so-called trends. A designer can help you find what are the colors that speak to you and your lifestyle.  

gold hood with green backsplash
Source: Weedman Design Partners

For example, some homeowners may choose an emerald forest green tile, or a master bedroom accent wall wallpaper with large bright florals. Some are choosing earthy and calming elements throughout their home that convey grounding and serenity. But we also are seeing homes with earthy palettes that creatively integrate bold color accents, conveying playfulness and individuality.

4. Your home reflects well being Today’s “Feng Shui” home is best carried through when it truly reflects your essential being. This  article from Vogue on 2022 interior trends states, “top interior design trends are again focused on making us feel emotionally at ease.” It’s no longer about us heeding the trends but instead, making our house pay homage to us, where the house serves the inhabitants, reflecting our mindfulness of what we need and our lifestyle.

5. High technology smart home As mentioned in our smart home blog, smart technology, such as automatically reducing the brightness of lights towards evening, can actually now provide us with more calmness and ease within our home. Smart lighting can change throughout the day, following our circadian rhythm, helping our sleep and improving our health.

Daily habits are simplified. For example,  we can push just one button that turns up soft lights, closes the blinds, and turns on a peaceful music playlist. Smart home design is best done at the beginning of a new home construction or home remodel planning stage.

Bright Smart Home Lighting in Modern Living Room
 Source: Protech Solutions showroom

6. Home office fatigue There is fatigue with  many of our homeowners working in their office, and looking to connect with other workers. Yes, many people will continue to work from home, needing a quiet private space from other rooms, but we do believe the home office renovations are slowing down.

7. Textures and tactile elements There appears to be a rise in interior design that adds in tactile or textures. More warmth and personality are coming into the home with layers of fabrics, textures, prints, eclectic elements; yet often set upon a calming backdrop inspired from nature. Objects that invoke some personal meaning are inspiring our choices.

interior design of a home with a bright blue sofa, throw pillows, and a colorful rug
Source: Weedman Design Partners

8. Mid-century modern with authenticity Mid-century design is still popular when it is created from quality design where true craftsmanship shines. True craftsmanship stands the test of time. Some homeowners are  inter-mixing mid-century design, or other home styles, with eclectic objects or accents that reflect their personalities.

a modern mid-century living room with a tv and wood walls
Designer: m.o.daby Design | Photographer: KuDa Photography

It’s certainly interesting to know what others are doing. No one wants to miss out on some good ideas and innovative thinking from designers. At Hamish Murray Construction, we have seen how the pandemic has brought to our attention the increased need to pay attention to our own wellbeing –  and how we can focus on making our everyday lives more enjoyable at home. You may be seeking more serenity within your home, or more interest in connection with the outdoors, or you may want to bring playfulness into your decor. Whatever your focus is, it’s easier to design your home when you become clear about what you value.

Make 2022 home innovation trends centered around you. The only thing that matters in your home are the people within it. Letting go of conventional design thinking and following other trends is so with the past. We recommend you lead with your heart, and let your home choices follow. At Hamish Murray Construction, we highly recommend hiring a professional who can guide you towards your best decisions to transform your space for you.

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