What are Encaustic Tiles? Embracing the Ceramic Clay Tiles

Are you a fan of eye-catching patterns and colors? Is there a room in your home that feels a bit stale and boring? Encaustic tiles can be a great way to add that dynamic “wow factor” to a space. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, but just as with any bold trend, it’s important to choose a version of it that fits your home as well as your personal style.

Encaustic Tiles: What Are They?

Encaustic tiles are traditionally made of ceramic, but there’s a similar version that’s made of cement. What makes encaustic tiles different from other ceramic tiles is that their colorful surface patterns aren’t a result of the glaze – they’re actually made from different colors of clay.

Encaustic tiles have experienced several periods of popularity throughout history, most notably during medieval times and then later during the Victorian era.

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Now that more ornate styles have started to work their way back into the design world, encaustic tiles are appearing in homes again more and more. 

How to Make Encaustic Tiles Work in Your Home

The great thing about encaustic tiles is how many different colors and patterns there are. If you really want to make a statement, you can find extravagantly patterned tiles with five or six different colors in them. Or, if you prefer a subtler look, it’s easy to find simpler patterns with fewer, more muted colors.

If you want to make sure your next remodel adds value to your home and still looks great in ten years, your best bet is to think about your home holistically and incorporate encaustic tiles in a way that complements your home’s existing features. 

What architectural style best describes your house? When was it built? And what design changes have you already made to other rooms? 

Here are just a few examples of the many ways encaustic tiles can be used:

Victorian Influence

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Certain older homes built during the Victorian era (1837–1901) are the perfect canvas for an updated version of history’s more ornate designs.  A large area covered with a brightly colored, intricate pattern makes a striking statement, especially when the rest of the room is tastefully simple.

Deep, Simple Colors for Modern Homes

Homeowners who have embraced the mid-century modern look might be thrilled to bring in a fun, new pattern. If you’re worried it will look too over the top, try sticking to a more uniform color scheme. In fact, if you prefer a more subtle look in general (or you’re just worried about overpowering the rest of your home) a good rule of thumb is to choose tiles with complicated colors ora complicated pattern, but not both. 

New Styles for Contemporary Homes

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Although most of the encaustic tiles you see are sporting patterns that hark back to earlier times, there’s no reason you have to follow suit. In fact, in many contemporary homes, an updated, 21st century version of this trend is a breath of fresh air.

Are You Considering Encaustic Tiles in Your Home?

Whether you’re envisioning an understated encaustic backsplash or a bold new kitchen floor, the team at Hamish Murray Construction can bring your ideas to life. Contact us todayto ask us your questions and learn more about how we work!