6 Luxurious Features to Include In Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the one room in your home that you can’t really pass a day without using. Because the kitchen is such an important part of your life and home, it is important to include both functionality and luxuriousness in your remodel. Luxury kitchen features in Portland go beyond refrigerators, ranges and sinks, and include high-end materials, design features, and out-of-the-box ideas that blend elegant design appeal with high functionality. 

Luxurious Kitchen Island

In Portland, like many kitchens across the U.S., kitchen islands remain popular and transform how a kitchen is used and completes the space. These multi-functional luxury kitchen additions provide a slew of useful features in the kitchen, including prep areas, storing pots and pans, hiding appliances, adding extra sitting with bar stools, and providing additional counter space when cooking and entertaining. 

As the heart of your kitchen, well-designed islands offer a high value to a kitchen remodel allowing friends and family to gather when they visit. If you live in an open floor plan consider your living space when planning your kitchen remodel. Work with your designer to create a kitchen island that blends with your living room and acts as an extension of it. 

Large Walk-in Pantries

Inspired by the good food and unique restaurants, more Portland residents spend their days and nights cooking at home making pantries take on new significance.  Beyond simple food storage, beautiful and well organized luxury pantries provide space for extra amenities like appliance storage, warming drawers, hidden wet bars, coffee bars and more. Today’s pantries have more pull out shelves and built-in compartments thoughtfully designed for optimal storage organization and infinite shelf capacity to hold your culinary goods.

Even butler pantries are seeing a revival in modern homes by providing a multifunctional space between the kitchen and the dining room for quick meal prep, dirty dishes, storage of special occasion dishes and food staging when entertaining. 

Stylish Range Hoods

Designer: Vanessa Wolf Golding | Photographer: KuDa Photography | More Photos Here

Range hoods are an essential part of a kitchen because they remove odors, heat, and smoke out of the kitchen. Instead of thinking of the hood as providing pure function for a kitchen, the right selection can create a design accent to your kitchen. With a variety of eye-catching materials, looks, and shapes, range hoods make a stylish statement that harmonize and bring out the best of your luxury kitchen design.  

Custom Backsplash

Architect: Howells Architecture + Design | Photographer: KuDa Photography | See More Photos

One-of-a-kind backsplashes take your kitchen to the next level of luxury by adding a touch of personal artistic flair to your kitchen. Backsplashes give a space visual interest and texture while protecting your walls and giving your kitchen a complete, finished look. No matter what style of kitchen remodel you decide to go with, there are a lot of high-quality backsplash options to choose from including handmade subway tiles, transparent and striking glass, industrial metal, rustic wood, and more. Carefully picking the right backsplash to match the colors in your space can enhance your countertops and kitchen finishes for the perfect look, making it the perfect place for entertaining guests and family members. 

Customized Built-Ins

large wooden dining room table in a modern home with white chairs and a black cabinet

Architect: ​​Scott | Edwards Architecture LLP | Photographer: KuDa Photography | See More Photos

Luxury kitchens are created with high functionality in mind, and adding customized built-ins designed just for you and your lifestyle is the perfect luxury level up. Features like integrated banquette seating or sleek storage solutions for fresh vegetables and appliances offer practical appeal.

For wine lovers, keeping your wine close at hand in a kitchen wine cellar with temperature control settings is very convenient, especially if you simply want a glass of wine while cooking. On the other hand, coffee lovers will love a deluxe coffee station that makes it easy for them to brew a fresh cup of hot coffee to start the day. Before consulting with your designer, identify what you like to use on a daily or weekly basis such as wine, coffee, access to recipe books, use of small appliances, etc., so it helps to plan the best use of your space.

Seamless Materials and Finishes

Architect: Christie Architecture LLC | Photographer: KuDa Photography | See More Photos

Luxury materials such as granite, marble, or quartz, blended with beautiful wood cabinet stain or paint finishes create a high-end and long-lasting visual design in your kitchen remodel. Don’t forget quality lighting and elegant hardware that contribute to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Options like pendant or chandelier-style lighting can add chic glamour to your kitchen while artisan drawer pulls or brass hardware add an extra touch of uniqueness. 

Let Hamish Murray Build Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel

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