Luxurious Home Upgrades That You Are Missing out On

We could all use a little more luxury in our lives. Whether you’re making a few simple home upgrades or planning a larger construction project, these ideas are sure to add comfort, joy, and a high-end feel to your home. See if any of them inspire you!

Heated Floors

How would you like to never step onto a cold bathroom floor again? If you live somewhere with cold winters, heated floors might be the perfect luxury home upgrade for you.

So how does it work? Radiant heating is typically done with electric heating mats under your flooring or by installing pipes that carry hot water.

Heated floors are perfect for keeping your feet warm and comfy in any room of the house. Just keep in mind that radiant heating works best under tile and vinyl, but not as well with wood. This makes it an extremely popular choice for bathrooms, where people often walk with bare feet.

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel with heated flooring, here are some other luxury features to consider adding to your bathroom oasis:

  • Large multi-head shower with an overhead rain shower fixture
  • Deep soaking tub
  • Electric towel-warming racks
  • Seated vanity
  • Luxury design aesthetic to match your bathroom’s spa-like features

Home Additions

A home addition that truly meets your family’s needs isn’t just a luxury; it’s also an extremely convenient upgrade that gives you more space and adds to your enjoyment of your home. Perhaps that means adding a master suite, an in-law suite, a home office, or a gym. You’re adding new space, which means the possibilities are virtually endless.

Every home addition is unique. Its look and feel will depend on your individual needs and your current home’s layout. You might…

  • Build around an unused garage space
  • Build out into your backyard
  • Build upward, adding another level to your house

It’s also easy to incorporate luxury home features like high-end appliances, tasteful materials, a sleek fireplace, and plush throw rugs.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

You’re all set for winter with your cozy, heated floors, but what about warmer months? The Portland area’s temperate oceanic climate and warm, dry summers are perfect for indoor-outdoor living spaces.

A patio that connects to your kitchen or living room creates a more open, free-flowing environment that also lets in natural light and provides beautiful views of nature. These outdoor spaces can be just as luxurious as the rest of your home.

Here are some elements to consider if you want to make your patio, deck, or balcony a more connected part of your home:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Fireplace and/or outdoor space heaters
  • Comfortable outdoor furniture, including a place to eat
  • Pool or hot tub
  • Whole wall doors for flexibility and a more seamless transition

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances add a sleek, customized feel to your kitchen the way few other home upgrades can. Whether it’s a big french door refrigerator that matches your bamboo cabinets or a hidden dishwasher that blends into your kitchen island (or both!), built-in appliances make your kitchen look clean and sophisticated, while also giving you more control over colors and materials.

Another reason to choose built-in appliances? They don’t distract from the room’s real focal point the way traditional appliances do. For example, if you love your dark natural stone countertops, appliances that match your white cabinets will give the countertops center stage.

Furnished Wine Cellar

Do you love wine tasting? A wine cellar may be the ultimate high-end upgrade for you. Especially if you have a basement, garage, or other spare room you’re not currently using.

Photo by Connecticut StoneLook for wine cellar pictures

A wine cellar doesn’t have to be a dank, unfinished space either. You can make it a luxury experience by furnishing it with finished floors, countertops, places to sit, good lighting, and homey decor.

If you don’t have enough extra space for a wine cellar, how about a wet bar instead? You might have an empty wall in your dining room or other central living space that could easily be converted into a small bar area.

Walk-In Closet

Stay organized, keep your clothes in perfect condition, and never run out of places to put your shoes. What could be more luxurious than that?

A walk-in closet attached to your bedroom or master bath can simplify your life and make fashion a lot more fun.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Here are some tips for designing an amazing walk-in closet:

  • Plan to have a bit more storage than you think you’ll actually need (you might buy more stuff).
  • Leave space for a full-length mirror.
  • Invest in high-quality, flattering lighting.
  • Aim for a variety of drawers, shelves, cabinets, and hanging space.
  • A walk-in closet can be a convenient place to stash your overnight bag — packing for your next weekend trip will be a breeze!
  • Consider incorporating a small seating area where you can put on shoes or just relax.
  • Decide if you would enjoy a small vanity in your closet.

Planning some luxury home upgrades in the Portland area?

No matter what kind of project you’re planning, any space can feel luxurious when you choose high-quality materials, functional layouts, and designs you truly love. At Hamish Murray Construction, we focus on flexibility, architectural expertise, and careful planning to ensure you get amazing results that you absolutely love.

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