Soundproof a Room During Your Home Remodel

Do you have a noisy neighbor? A kid who’s learning to play the drums? A home office that requires quiet during important meetings? With more people than ever before working from home offices, a soundproof room (or several) can provide the quiet you need in your home.

So, what are your options when it comes to soundproofing your home? Can you DIY it or do you need to hire a professional? How well does soundproofing actually work? When is the best time to kick off the project? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions so you can decide if soundproofing a room in your home is right for you.

The Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home

For many homeowners, excessive sound transfer is a concern in at least one room or area. Perhaps you want to reduce the amount of noise that escapes private rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. Maybe you have family members with different schedules and sleep times. Or maybe you’re looking to add a game room or home theater for your kids. Whatever the reason, soundproofing techniques can often help make your life much quieter.

Here are a few rooms and areas to consider soundproofing during a home remodel project:

●  Bedrooms and bathrooms

●  Basements

●  Music rooms

●  Nurseries

●  Home offices

●  Guestrooms or mother-in-law suites

●  Home gyms

●  Media rooms and home theaters

●  Additions

Should You Do It Yourself or Call in a Professional?

What’s the best way to soundproof a room? Well, it depends on your goals. There are some simple DIY solutions that can make a difference in the amount of sound that can enter or escape a room, including 1) adding weather stripping on doors and windows, 2) installing adhesive soundproofing panels on walls, and 3) laying down foam mats and rugs.

Unfortunately, these are all temporary and imperfect options if you want to truly soundproof a room. They also alter the aesthetic value of your home in ways you may not really want. If you’re looking to effectively and permanently soundproof a room in your home, or ensure your entire home is sound-insulated, the best option is to do it during a home remodel.

A skilled home contractor can incorporate professional soundproofing techniques into your remodeling project, effectively blocking noise from entering or exiting a space while maintaining the room’s design and aesthetic quality.

How to Soundproof a Room

There are a variety of techniques and products professional home builders and remodelers can utilize to prevent sound transfer in and out of a room or area of your home during a remodel. A comprehensive soundproofing strategy focuses on all surfaces: walls, doors, windows, ceilings, and flooring:

●  Walls: Your contractor may use metal wall studs, multiple layers of drywall, soundproof insulation, and special soundproof adhesive compounds to ensure your walls are built to keep noise in and out.

●  Doors: By choosing soundproof, solid construction doors rather than hollow-core ones, applying soundproofing rubber around the moulding, and installing an automatic door bottom to close the gap between the door and the floor, your doorway can be effectively soundproofed.

●  Windows: Your contractor can install single double-glazed units that don’t open to prevent sound transfer; including a sheet of acoustic glass, double or triple panes, and offset or laminated glass.

●  Ceilings and flooring: By applying a layer of Gypcrete and sound reduction matting beneath your choice of finished flooring, your contractor can add an extra measure of density to the floors in your room and substantially reduce sound transfer between floors.

Engaging the services of an Acoustical Consultant can maximize the effectiveness of all these measures. Whether your goal is simply to reduce noise transfer between a first and second floor or you want to completely cancel noise and improve the acoustics for a home recording studio, the right home contractor will know the professional techniques necessary to ensure your room is effectively soundproofed.

Are you planning a home remodel? Would you benefit from incorporating professional soundproofing?

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